Monday, February 20, 2012

How I broke up with My Love ...

Everyday I used to saw some one and I gradually fell in love with her…. She used to Kiss Me everyday…She used to stimulate My senses with her fragrance and both of us loved each other like anything….She satisfied Me every time I needed her with her exotic company…But she visited many which I couldn’t accept….On February 12th, 2010 Shivarathri Day...I decided ..."No more"..We broke up...Her love for Me is so stiff that she still tries to get Me back to her. Everyday She visits My friends and people around Me...She kisses them in their lips like no one else could ever do….She Stares at Me as If I'll get back to her....She invites Me with her fragrance which stimulates people to kiss her and love her more and more....But I was strong in Mind…..I says “No” every time and Its 2 years since I quit smoking and tobacco ! Proud to quit her who visits many and kills many !

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