Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Appreciate and Acknowledge !

Appreciate and Acknowledge.It makes happiness !

My Sreekutty is University Topper !

Am Proud to let all of You know that My dearest and one and only sister Sreekutty is one of the University Topper in her Post Graduation Exams that She last attended !

Blood Relationships !

Nothing can replace Blood Relationships no matter what ! Treasure and Cherish what You have !

Social Being !

I love being addressed as a social worker than being called as a politician !

Love and Be Loveable !

No matter what the Sun always rises in the east and sets in the west and You are supposed to live Your part ! Be good
with every one.Love and be Loveable !

My Sister

Now I dont have a reviewer for My thoughts and Posts.Yet I do coz I believe its refined right from My mind itself by a well known Power ! My Sis !

Sound of Silence !

Whatz the sound of Silence ?

Is it the Intuitions inside the mind ?