Monday, May 27, 2013

Loneliness and Prayers !

When invaded by Loneliness I think where I stand,where I would be,What I will do..I close
My eyes,then I pray !

Rain,Tree and Joy !

As it rained I glimpsed at the Mango Tree andShe began to shed out all her ripe Mangoes in
Joy...It was a Gift...A gift of Joy and Acceptance by My Nature ! I Love Trees !:-)

Girls & Beauty !:-)

Every girl is beautiful in her own way !:-)

Romance and Lake !:-)

Romancing Rain in her lap Kissed and Wrapped by her Zephyr !Bliss !:-)
#Ashtamudi Lake

Love,Care and Happiness !

Never expect love and care from anyone,instead give as much as You can and find happiness !