Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thoughtful Thoughts :)

Hi Friendz...This is a Collection of My thoughts Which I had in  different Junctures of My life.....Here I am Sharing it....Hope You'll get a Piece to think over....

1)  I am a warrior fighting for My kingdom called life and to protect My subjects called relations !

2)  Sometimes I am ruled by emotions while sometimes I am ruled by wisdom...But I want the    later to happen only with strangers just coz I love to be genuine with My loved ones !

3)  Many questions remains unanswered in life....Its not just coz we don't have the answers for it....but because we are in search for the perfect answers !

4)  When life Matters.....Live Your Own Way....Talk Your Own Words and Share Your Own Views.....:-)

5) Different people know Me in different ways.....But only some know Me in every way !:)

6) You can see different type of people around You and I am one among them !

7)  When silence speaks, words hush just to know the depth inside the hearts...:)

8) As the needle in the clock moves on,as the dates in the calendar becomes history,surroundings changes,people changes,relationships changes !!

9)  Never live to learn but learn to live..!!:-)

10) Some questions always remain unanswered and some stories always remain untold !

11) For some I am nothing....For some I am something and for some I am everything :)

12) A word a day can keep the dictionary away !

13) We all are plants growing into Trees to give Fruits and Shade to Many....!

14) If You have a desire to change then change to desire ! :)

15) Rejuvenation, Renaissance and Renovation for the body, mind and soul....!

16) I see lunatics every where and I realized that I am also a lunatic...Some things are always strange like Yourself !!!

17) I respect a women but never a feminist !

18Lake shore ....Dazzling water....clear sky...numerous stars....Moon....best friend....serious talks.....life....:)

19) Life never lets You to live the way You want, instead it makes it the way You are !!

20) We are forced to pretend as something before the society we live in for existence, but within the inner heart most of us know that we are nothing !!!

21) Listening to the wind, voices in My head, I felt I stand no where !

22) Being diplomatic doesn't mean that You have to compromise with everyone for everything !

23) When You win fame, its natural that You will win enemies also...!!!

24) For some I am Nothing....For some I am Something....For Some I am Everything.....

25) When People smile at You it doesn't mean that they are sincere with You !

26) To play the game You need to know the game and to know the game you need to play the game....!!!

27) Analysing...Assessing...Administrating....

28)  There is a chemistry which is to be maintained in the correct proposition at the correct time in all relations...!!!

29)  Power is useless untill its used...!!!

30)  Some people are to be studied....Some are to be Ignored....While Some are to be Copied....!:-)

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