Friday, May 15, 2009

A Short Love Message with Much Intensity :-)

Well,see the quote below....!!!

"When I was Drowning in the sea called Perdition,You came like an angel to save me...Now I know that my life is safe in the hands of my angel. Even the Sea storm and gale that came in between couldn't tear us apart and I know that our relation is so Strong that no one can tear us apart coz U are my soul...!!!"

This is a quote made by me for my chum, one year back and I found it in a piece of paper in my wallet.....My chum asked me to write something with some literature for giving it to his girl friend.....Any way I made it short but with much intensity.....some how I liked it very much after the Completion...!!!

Synopsis : -

In fact that guy was lost in life [Drowning in perdition]....when a girl came like an angel to his life.....Now he is sure that he is in safe love with his love....The sea storm and gale here represents the parents of that girl and the problems that occured in between... :-) ..and they couldn't even tear them apart....and so and so that girl is his soul now and no one can tear them apart ....!!!


thoughts said...

very beautifully written indeed. you have an easy flow that makes your writing fun to read.

thoughtful delights said...

yeah...thanks a lot...

keep reading ;-)

ultimatechange said...

Wow! awesomely said nd interpreted.
Best Wishes!